Here at JDS Electric, we try to provide you with as much information as we can regarding the cost of your electrical project. We will give you a quote with a cost range specific for your job. Every job is different so each job will be quoted for you upon a personalized visit*.

Interior/exterior outlets
Interior/exterior lighting
Ceiling fan replacement/ new installations
Dimmer switches
Three-way switches
Accent lighting
Closed-circuit television
Breaker panel upgrade
Circuit breaker replacement
Network (Cat5) / coaxial cable
220v. installations
Do you have an electrical panel that is not labeled? Stop tripping every breaker to figure out where the one you need is. Have us come trace every circuit and label it so you know exactly what each breaker feeds.

If there is something you need not mentioned, please feel free to ask.

*Troubleshooting and most jobs will be charged at $65/hr (TWO HOUR MINIMUM) plus materials.